Monday, December 17, 2012

Pennsylvania: Motorist Sitting in Vehicle is Robbed at Gunpoint in Bethlehem, Everything of Value Taken

At approximately 2232 hours on Sunday night (December 16), a motorist was sitting in his parked vehicle in Bethlehem, PA, when two men in their 20s approached him, brandished a handgun and demanded that he get out of the car.
Subsequently, one of the assailants went through the victim’s vehicle, gathering his mobile phone, laptop, wallet and keys. At that point, the two men fled and remain at large.
COMMENT: Although it is commonplace for motorists to sit in their parked vehicle and make phone calls, it is hardly a prudent security practice, particularly during hours of darkness,  when “night people" and criminals are much more likely to be out and about.
Although violent crime is much higher in neighboring Allentown, violent crime in Bethlehem is below the national average.
The downside of sitting in one’s car for any length of time at night is that would-be victims are a magnet for people who have too much idle time on their hands, who may seize the opportunity to victimize an easy target.