Friday, December 28, 2012

Russia: Italian Tourist, 42, Dies from Apparent Heart Attack at Party in St. Petersburg

While attending a family gathering in St. Petersburg this week, an Italian tourist, 42, died suddenly from a heart attack after having a couple of drinks.

According to preliminary reports, the Italian tourist and his wife arrived in St. Petersburg on December 22 and were scheduled to return home to Italy on January 6.

COMMENT: Although family members called for an ambulance, by the time the man could be treated, he had already been pronounced dead.

It is prudent that the family is going to have an autopsy conducted on the decedent to determine what may have caused the apparent heart attack. 

Unfortunately, in Russia, the quality control on alcohol is often suspect, particularly when a relatively young person dies suddenly.

Hopefully, those conducting the autopsy, in concert with the family, will also order a toxicological report to determine what brand of alcohol the man drank prior to his death, in addition to determining whether the man had preexisting cardiovascular disease.

Generally speaking, I normally suggest that all travelers and tourists consume only IMPORTED alcoholic beverages, so as to eliminate the potential risk of drinking contaminated or unsafe beverages.