Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thailand: Prostitute Drugs, Robs British Tourist, 60, of US$2,000 in Pattaya

Sadly, this is a very old story. The only difference is the names of those involved and the date of victimization.

A British tourist, age 60, was reportedly drugged and robbed by a prostitute who he picked up in the vicinity of S0i 12, in Pattaya, on November 21.

Most of our regular readers know all too well that both Pattaya and Phuket are high-risk destinations for solo travelers. 

Yet, my objective in describing this event is to once again reemphasize that anyone intent on seeking unbridled sex with strangers in either destination is strongly urged to carry ONLY sufficient funds on their person to consummate such a high-risk transaction.

Did I mention that Thailand also boasts one of the highest per capita rates of HIV/AIDS in the world? After all, sex with strangers in Thailand is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Back to our steamy story.

For obvious reasons I am not going to disclose the identity of the victim in this case in the interest of preserving what self-respect he may still have left, although the Thai media was not nearly as considerate.

In any event, our 60-something tourist picks up a 48-year-old hooker in Pattaya [a practice I highly discourage] WITH 1,150 British pounds and 4,500 baht in his pocket (equivalent to roughly US$2,000) in his pocket. 

COMMENT: If you have not had the opportunity of visiting either Phuket or Pattaya, those plying their wares in the Land of Smiles can sniff out money in foreigners' pockets with greater ease than a very, very large pack of bloodhounds. 

If you're "on the hunt" for sex with a stranger in either of these vigorously seedy cities, whatever amount of money you are carrying, will eventually  be in someone else's hands in relatively short order, "happy ending or no happy ending."

A long story made short, the victim in this case filed a complaint with the Royal Thai Police who eventually found the Briton's midnight angel near Chantaburi, near the Cambodian border, thanks to the hotel staff that insist on making a photocopy of the national identity card of all local guests.

Unfortunately, for our tourist, the woman had already used the US$2,000 to pay off a loan shark. Thus, his money was long-gone.

As a matter of interest, I served a number of years in Bangkok as the senior Regional Security Officer at the US Embassy, and am personally acquainted with virtually every scam played on travelers at one time or the other, but I've debriefed countless victims.