Thursday, December 6, 2012

United Kingdom: Assailants Strong-Arm Tourist, 68, at ATM, Stealing His Bank Card, £200

Sometimes it is best to ask a bank employee or a police officer where the nearest ATM is located.

Unfortunately, for a 68-year-old tourist visiting Kent, he asked a couple of passersby direction to the nearest ATM on Monday (December 3).

In fact, the strangers were so helpful that they followed the tourist to the ATM, only to proceed to strong-arm to the ground where they wrestled his bank card and £200 from his grasp and then fled.

The incident occurred just before 1800 hours.

COMMENT: As I have pointed out in a number of previous postings, seniors, particularly those 60 and over, who are traveling about, are increasingly being targeted by youthful offenders, and should keep in mind that not everyone wants to helpful, as in the case of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Alternatively, the victim in this case should probably have asked the concierge in his hotel for directions to an ATM in the area, rather than approaching complete strangers who might not necessarily have his best interests at stake.

As a reminder, all tourists and travelers should ensure that they use ATMs only in well-protected buildings, preferably in banks, so as to avoid being victimized as this visitor was.