Wednesday, February 20, 2013

El Salvador: Although Details Are Sketchy, US Citizen Reportedly Shot, Killed in Izalco

Although details are sketchy, reports that US citizen Michael J. Brown, 53, was shot and killed in San Isidro, near the town of Izalco, on Saturday (February 16) at approximately 2030 hours in the evening local time.

Reportedly, Mr. Brown was traveling in the company of his wife, Nury Liseth Aquino Brown, in a rental vehicle with the tag number P49-069. 

According to a local prosecutor, six to eight gunmen fired at the couple's car, hitting Mr. Brown several times, including one round to the head, which caused the vehicle to eventually come to a stop. It is believed that Mr. Brown died at the scene.

COMMENT: It is unknown as to the motive for the attack, as no information is readily available.  

Inasmuch that the criminal threat is considerable in El Salvador, most residents generally know that staying off roadways after dark is essential, due to the risk of banditry.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.