Monday, February 18, 2013

México: Analysis--Who Are the Defendants in the Gang-Rape, Armed Robbery of Spanish Tourists?

COMMENT: As a follow-up to my last posting (February 14) in connection with the gang-rape of six Spanish women and the armed robbery of upwards of 14 persons in their party on February 4, in the state of Guerrero, Mexican authorities strangely have not identified the six defendants who they claim have "confessed" to both the rapes and the armed robbery.

Nor has there been any media reports of the identifies of the defendants.

Perhaps in México's criminal justice system it is sufficient to simply say that the assailants have "confessed" and that is the end of the matter.

Yet, given México's high level of violence nationwide, and its negative impact on the country's tourism industry, one would hope that there would be far more transparency in the media than there is. Perhaps not.

Another minor detail that has been omitted from media reports is the fact that the Spanish tourists, upon arriving in México, sought out criminals to purchase illegal drugs from.

Clearly, had the tourists not sought out the criminals, who knew where they were staying, they could not have returned to their accommodations to engage in gang-rape and armed robbery.