Thursday, February 7, 2013

México: Authorities Now Believe Rape Victims in Acapulco Knew Assailants, As They Had Purchased Drugs from Them

COMMENT: According to CNN, and as a follow-up to my posting of yesterday (February 5) entitled "México: Six Spanish Women Raped by Gunmen in Acapulco Near Playa Bonfil," Mexican authorities are increasingly of the opinion that the victims of Monday's (February 4) gang-rape and armed robbery had purchased illegal drugs from the assailants and robbers shortly after their arrival in México.

Unfortunately, those investigating the gang-rape and robbery of the tourists have conveniently announced that they expect to make arrests by the end of the week, not a particularly effective police tactic.

Interestingly, the assailants were provided access to the beach house in the middle of the night by the tourists because they had previously purchased drugs from them.

What has not been satisfactorily explained by media reports is how did the tourists recognize their assailants if they wore masks?

As with many victim-precipitated crimes, had the tourists not sought out the drug dealers to make a buy from the outset, it is entirely possible that their identities never would have been known to the assailants.

Unrelated to the gang-rape and armed robbery, is it appropriate for Mexican authorities to also charge the Spanish tourists for purchasing illegal drugs?