Friday, February 22, 2013

México: Federal AG Reports That 27,000 People Missing Since November 2012

According to EFE, the National Center for Planning, Analysis and Intelligence to Fight Crime (CENAPI), the intelligence unit of the Federal Attorney General's Office, effective November 2012  27,523 people in México have been declared as "missing."

Lia Limón,  Deputy Government Secretary for Judicial Affairs and Human Rights, told MVS Radio she heard of the huge number of missing after reading an "executive summary" released by CENAPI.

COMMENT: The unexplained database reportedly was created during the 2006-2012 administration of President Felipe Calderon, and will reportedly be discussed next week. 

From all indications, it is unknown as to whether such a large number of missing people were victims of drug traffickers, kidnappers or disappeared at the hands of local, state and federal government officials.

Congress approved legislation in March 2012 requiring the federal government to create a database of missing or disappeared people in an effort to investigate complaints.

Regardless of how such a large number of persons are reported to be "missing," borders on a national tragedy, yet seems to be attracting little attention in México itself.

Another facet of the "missing" is whether all of the missing are Mexican nationals or also include foreigners.

In 2011 a record 120 Americans were killed in México, compared with just 35 in 2007. This should be a "wake-up" call at the US Department of State.