Saturday, February 9, 2013

México: No Arrests As Yet in Connection with Gang-Rape, Armed Robbery of Spanish Tourists in Acapulco

COMMENT: Despite Guerrero state prosecutors insisting they had viable leads in the embarrassing attack on Mexican tourism and would make arrests by Friday (February 8) in connection with the February 4 gang-rape of six Spanish women and the armed robbery of upwards of fourteen persons staying at a rented beach bungalow not far from Acapulco, there have been no announcements of such arrests.

To make matters worse, Mexico City think-tank, the Citizens Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice released its list of the world's most dangerous cities on February 7, placing Acapulco second after San Pedro Sula. Interestingly, Acapulco has a homicide rate of  142.88 per 100,000 residents. 

As I have said previously, the fact that the Spanish tourists had purchased illegal drugs from the rapists and robbers shortly after they arrived in México may very well have contributed to their tragic experience. Unfortunately, this is an example of what can happen when one associates with criminal elements.

It is essential that tourists and residents alike searching for beach getaways in México consider the following:

1. Carefully read on-line foreign affairs agencies' travel warnings on México before departure;

2. In Acapulco, restrict non-essential travel to no farther than two blocks inland from Costera Miguel Aléman Boulevard;

3. Seek out beach resorts that offer all-inclusive amenities, including on-site security that includes optimal access control of visitors; and

4. Keep in mind that the entirety of the state of Guerrero is fraught with security risks, which may cause beach-goers to seek out resort areas in less-crime-prone states.