Sunday, February 24, 2013

México: Shooting Death of` Belgian, 58, in Acapulco Victim-Precipitated

According to Reuters, a Belgian citizen, 58, was shot and killed in Acapulco on Saturday (February 23), the latest violent act against a foreigner in one of country's most important tourist destinations.

A statement released by an Acapulco police spokeswoman said the man resisted two assailants who were attempting to steal his convertible Mercedes-Benz, one of whom shot him in the chest, with him dying shortly thereafter.

The shooting took place just minutes away from the city's landmark Princess Hotel, site of next week's Mexico Open professional tennis tournament. Many players have already arrived, including tournament star attraction Rafael Nadal.

COMMENT: As most of our regular readers know all too well, I have often made reference to victim-precipitated crimes, which essentially means that some crime victims contribute to their own misfortune by making very poor lifestyle choices BEFORE THE FACT.

Simply said, considering the out-of-control criminal violence in México, in addition to its enormous poverty, corruption, drug addiction and trafficking in all forms, driving a convertible Mercedes-Benz anywhere in México is tantamount to asking criminals to target you.

Of course, the worst thing the victim did in this case was RESIST armed persons. He might just as well as said, "Kill me, kill me."

Please, for anyone who reads this posting, NEVER resist people who are armed, as they no doubt have summarily killed people before and they will do it again without even thinking.

No amount of property, even an expensive car, that no doubt is fully insured, is worth your LIFE.  

As I have said all too many times in the past, the effort it takes to dramatically lower your personal "targeting" profile is relatively easy. Examples of how to do this, include the following:
  • Wear a $20 athletic watch instead of a Rolex or Rolex "knock-off"
  • While in México, drive a car that is not ostentatious  (i.e., a low-end Toyota)
  • Avoid wearing expensive or expensive-looking jewelry
  • Don't walk in areas you're not familiar with
  • Don't hail taxis on the street