Tuesday, February 5, 2013

México: Six Spanish Women Raped by Heavily Armed Gunmen in Acapulco Near Playa Bonfil

Although details at this point are a bit sketchy, six Spanish women who had rented a beach bungalow at Barra Bonfil, along with their Spanish partners (roughly an hour from the center of Acapulco by car), were gang-raped in the early morning hours of Monday (February 4), as they all slept.

Subsequently, five heavily armed, masked men tied up their male partners and raped the women at gunpoint.

Acapulco Mayor Luís Walton Aburto briefed the media on the incident, explaining that the group in the bungalow included six women and seven men, all Spaniards, as well as a Mexican woman who was not harmed. Participating in the briefing was Guerrero state prosecutor Martha Elva Garzón, who explained that descriptions of the assailants were vague, largely because they wore masks.

After having their way with the women, the assailants then robbed all of the occupants of the bungalow of their cash, credit cards and mobile phones and fled.

As Tuesday approached, the rape victims, all between the ages of 30 and 32, were provided counseling services.

COMMENT: Acapulco, once a tourist magnet made famous by Hollywood’s beautiful people in the 1950s, has declined in popularity in recent years, largely because of mushrooming cartel violence throughout the Acapulco area.

Prudent travelers, both locals as well as those from the US, have quickly learned that there are few places in México these days that are truly considered "safe,"  particularly because of the proliferation of armed gangs.

Although many of the best beach areas throughout México are generally found off the "beaten track" and in areas which remain unclogged by the masses, security-conscious travelers have learned that by evaluating where major security incidents have occurred, remaining in major city centers generally results in fewer security risks.

The Mexican state of Guerrero (including Acapulco) is known to be a high-risk area frequented by violent crime and gang activity.