Monday, February 11, 2013

México: Six Suspects Arrested in Gang-Rape in Acapulco, Complicity Elusive

According to, six suspects linked to the rapes last week (February 4) of six Spanish women in the Pacific resort of Acapulco have been detained, although they have not been formally charged.

COMMENT: Inasmuch as there is considerable political pressure on any violent acts against tourists, it is often a common practice for suspects to be "scooped off the street," just for the sake of making arrests, which is why credible witnesses and particularly physical evidence is so crucial to trying actual offenders.
The fact that the suspects' families have pleaded with authorities that they are innocent, is worth noting, as the miscarriage of justice is often a genuine reality in México. The suspects worked at restaurants located between Barra Vieja and Playa Encantada and were taken into custody without arrest warrants being issued. 
 As is well-known, prosecutors may hold suspects for upwards of a year.