Monday, February 25, 2013

México: Update--Belgian Businessman Shot, Killed While Resisting Armed Carjacking of His Mercedes-Benz in Acapulco

COMMENT: According to The Associated Press, Belgian businessman Jan Sarens, 59, who was shot and killed on Saturday (February 23) when he resisted an armed carjacking of his Mercedes-Benz convertible in Acapulco, not far from where the Mexican Open tennis tournament was being held.

Mr. Sarens was an executive with a family-owned firm that supplies heavy transportation equipment for construction, mining and energy. It has offices in 50 countries, including México.

The incident occurred in a shopping center parking lot, and his body was found outside his car which bore Mexico City plates.

As I have emphasized all too often in the past, no amount of replaceable property is worth losing one's life over.