Tuesday, February 26, 2013

México: Update--A New Twist in Alleged Armed Carjacking, Death of Belgian Expat in Acapulco

According to http://www.mercurynews.com, what had seemed to be just another isolated armed carjacking that resulted in the death of Belgian expatriate and businessman Jan Sarens, 59, last Saturday (February 23), apparently stemmed from death threats Mr. Sarens had received following a legal dispute with a former business contact

The murder of the Belgian executive followed just weeks after six Spanish women were gang-raped in Acapulco with up to fourteen members of their party being robbed at gunpoint of all of their valuables.

COMMENT: When I posted my report on Jan Sarens' death on February 24, I was puzzled by the fact that after shooting and killing the Belgian, why didn't the gunmen steal the high-end Mercedes-Benz they purportedly killed him for? 

As notable US radio icon Paul Harvey used to say, "Here is the rest of the story." 

On February 25, Sarens' company, the Belgium-based Sarens Group, said in a statement that Jan had received death threats after he filed a lawsuit against a former Mexican associate, Gruas Industriales Ojeda. Both companies are involved in the industrial crane business, and the dispute apparently involved the ownership of cranes. 

The end result of the lawsuit was that the Sarens Group prevailed in the legal action, although the judgment was never satisfied. As a result, Sarens was forced to go back to court to pressure Gruas Industriales Ojeda to fulfill the judgment.

Yet, apparently Sarens' counterpart at Gruas Ojeda decided to reconcile the dispute through other than legal means.

As it turned out, Sarens, who lived in Mexico City, just happened to be in Acapulco on February 23, when he was shot and killed by unknown assailants and his Mercedes-Benz convertible left in the street.  

Sadly, according to México's National Human Rights Commission, only 8% of crimes in México are even reported, and only 1% result in a conviction.