Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spain: Update--Chittock, 38, Gets 24 Years in Prison for Beating Death of Sarah Shields

COMMENT: According to, a Las Palmas court earlier today (February 27) sentenced defendant Christopher Chittock, 38, to 24 years in a Spanish prison for beating his girlfriend, Sarah Shields, 23, to death and throwing her body into the sea.

Our only wish is that Chittock's sentence could have been  lengthier, but 24 years in more than sufficient to bring Sarah's family some closure and a sense of justice.

We suggest that new readers review previous postings, as this homicide was particularly brutal, not to mention the fact that when Sarah's parents picked Chittock up at the airport in the UK, he told them that Sarah had left him for another man, and continued to use her mobile phone with friends and family, as if he was she until his bizarre deception eventually unraveled.