Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spain/UK: Briton, 38, Convicted of Murdering His Girlfriend, 23, in Canary Islands

According to The East Anglican Daily Times, Briton Christopher Chittock, 38, of Alnesbourn Crescent in Ravenswood was convicted of murdering his British girlfriend, Sarah Shields, 23, by a Spanish jury in the Canary Islands' capital of Las Palmas on Friday, February 22.

Chittock killed Sarah Shields on a deserted beach not far from where they were staying in the islands. He then dumped her body into the sea off the southern coast before burning her belongings.

COMMENT: Now comes the interest part: Chittock then flew back to the couple’s home in Ipswich, after Sarah’s parents picked him up from Stansted. He then texted her friends and family pretending to be Sarah, claiming she had stayed in Spain with a new lover. Eventually, his deception unraveled.

Chittock has already been warned by his counsel that he could face a prison sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

Chittock's apparent motive, and rationale for killing Sarah apparently stemmed from his discovery that she had been in touch with her ex-boyfriend Will Newham.

According to police, Chittock took Shields to a dark, deserted beach opposite their holiday complex, punched her repeatedly in the face until she fell to the ground, causing her injuries including a broken nose. Her head was then smashed against stones on the beach before Chittock strangled her to death with his bare hands.

Sarah’s naked body was pulled out of the Atlantic Ocean near the couple’s holiday apartment early on July 7, 2010.

The defendant was extradited to Spain from the UK in September 2010 and charged with Ms. Shield’s murder.

Fortunately for the prosecution, there was a witness to observing the scratch marks on Chittock's face, not to mention seeing her body floating in the water the morning after she was killed. 

Sadly, it appears that domestic violence is now so commonplace in our societies that it does cause one to ponder why people have such a strong sense of rage, hostility and anger. Why are people so high-strung today?

Clearly, there is a vital need for the women of today to be trained in self-defense tactics and how to thoroughly screen and identify behavioral "red flags" that may well become life-threatening factors in the future.