Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thailand: Lessons to Be Learned in Gang Rape of British Student, 20, in Nakhon Si Thammarat

As with so many of our postings, and in keeping with the understanding that our lives can be spared calamity, discourse and chaos through exercising prudent choices that can change the outcome of events during our time on Earth, comes lessons-learned from the recent gang-rape of a British student, 20, by four unidentified men in Nakhon Si Thammarat, 380 miles south of Bangkok.  

Reportedly, the victim left a local restaurant alone, after a late-night drinking session, after her South African room-mate had returned to their apartment in Nakohn.

Subsequently, four local men observed the young woman stumbling out of the restaurant, summarily grabbed her, pushed her into their waiting pick-up truck and eventually gang-raped on the vacant balcony of a nearby building.

COMMENT: The victim, reportedly from the Scottish Highlands, was punched in the stomach as she unsuccessfully attempted to repel her abduction, and was later found at 0500 hours in the morning.

The incident occurred near the Nakorn Vientiane Restaurant in the Muang district of Nakohn Si Thammarat.

As I have urged so many times in the past, foreign women who intend to drink, particularly at night, while in Thailand are strongly suggested to do the following:

1. Always use the "buddy" system, which means at least one member of the group doesn't drink;

2. ALWAYS eat a mean before having alcoholic beverages;

3. Never leave an intoxicated member of your group ALONE;

4. Always carry a mobile phone and ensure that the after-hours number of your local embassy or consulate, the police emergency number and the numbers of reputable radio-dispatched taxis in the speed-dialer of your phone;

5. Never leave your drink unattended in a restaurant or bar, as it is commonplace for opportunists to use "date-rape drugs to immobilize you;

6. Always be observant of groups of men observing you that may have ulterior motives so that you can avoid being victimized; and

7. NEVER drink alone in Thailand if you're planning to become intoxicated. This applies to both men and women, as your risk of becoming a crime victim TRIPLES if you're intoxicated.

Sadly, the victim had only been in Nakohn Si Thammarat for two weeks and had recently applied to become an English teacher at a local school. She was still waiting for the school to reply to her job application.

Once her attack had been reported to the police, she was taken to a local hospital for treatment and so that forensic evidence could be collected.