Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thailand: Update--Assassins Telephoned Hilton HR Director Before They Shot, Killed Her

As a follow-up to my various postings regarding the January 18, assassination of Jintana Mahattanapak, 42, human resources manager at the five-star Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa in Karon [Phuket], it has been determined that one of the two assailants called the victim on her mobile phone just before she was killed, so as to illuminate her exact position in the car in order to kill her with a single shot.

COMMENT: Police contend that the assassins, traveling on a motorcycle, pulled up along side the victim's white Chevrolet at approximately 2030 hours, at which point they called her. When she answered the phone, which became illuminated, her exact position was pinpointed enabling them to kill her with one shot.

As I have said in the past, a large percentage of business disputes in Thailand and settled through violent means, with the human resource managers in all companies being likely targets, considering that they are responsible for hiring and firing of personnel. 

Police are now examining the records of known professional assassins in the hope that they might place one or more of them in Phuket on the night of the murder. 

As with many assassins in Thailand,  homemade firearms are often used so as to render ballistics comparison very problematic.

One personal security awareness tip for all business managers who may anger subordinates at one time or the other is to not answer mobile phone calls they don't recognize.

On the other hand, one would expect that people who kill people for a living would use untraceable mobile phones.