Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thailand: Update on Assassination of HR Director at Hilton Arcadia Phuket Resort

As a follow-up to my posting of January 22, "Thailand: Surveillance Footage in Aftermath of Hilton HR Director's Homicide Not Particularly Useful," Phuket Police have sent CCTV surveillance footage stemming from the murder of Jintana Mahattanapak, 42, who was assassinated on January 18, to forensic experts in Bangkok in the hopes they can enhance videos they already have that will lead to the arrest of her assailants.

Mrs. Jintana, the human resources director at the Hilton Arcadia Phuket Resort & Spa in Karon, and mother to two young daughters, was killed by a single gunshot to the head while driving home from work.

COMMENT: Considering that Jintana was shot and killed during hours of darkness, police not only do not have accurate descriptions of the assailants, but also do not have a detailed description of the motorbike that the two assailants were riding on when they shot and killed the victim with one shotgun round from a distance of several feet.

As I have said previously, professional hits in Thailand are a common occurrence and tragically the manner in which most business disputes are resolved. Additionally, assailants on motorbikes or motorcycles is a common tactic, because of the ease of escape in congested traffic.