Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Amerícas: "Carnival Triumph" on a "Stinky" Odyssey While Being Towed to Mobile, AL, Unhealthy Conditions Abound

As a follow-up to my last posting, dated February 12, the roughly 4,200 passengers and crew of the"Carnival Triumph" after an engine fire neutralized its propulsion system last weekend are very slowly be towed by tugs to Mobile, AL, considering that 900+ passengers left Galveston WITHOUT their passports, thinking there would be NO glitches on the cruise.

COMMENT: Although technically foreign visitors can travel to and from México by land or sea with a number of different types of identification documents, I STRONGLY recommend that all cruise-ship passengers leaving the continental US always carry their passport. 


In the case of the "Carnival Triumph," passengers and crew embarked out of Galveston, TX, but are now returning to Mobile, AL because of the engine room fire that neutralized the ship's propulsion system.

Frustrated passengers aboard the "Carnival Triumph" report that conditions are getting worse, citing foul odors, inoperative toilets, having to sleep on deck due to the high temperatures and long waits for food.

“The worst part is the bathrooms,” passenger Donna Gutzman told NBC News. “There’s no water. You can’t really flush so everyone’s going in little plastic baggies and putting it outside their rooms.”

Even Carnival reports that for 4,200 people, less than two dozen "heads" are functioning.

At the moment, the ship is expected to reach Mobile some time tomorrow (Thursday, February 14).

The ship left Galveston, TX, on Thursday (February 7) , and was scheduled to return on Monday (February 11). Passengers will receive a full refund and a future cruise credit, Carnival has said.

The incident comes more than two years after another Carnival ship, the "Splendor," crippled on the high seas as a result of  an engine room fire.

As I have mentioned in the past, the dominant factors that cruise passengers should consider FIRST is safety, security and health standards, rather than destinations and amenities.

I also suggest that cruisers carefully review the below website before considering any cruise-ship line: