Monday, February 4, 2013

UAE: Wife of Missing British Sailor Closes Down Facebook Group 8 Months After Husband Disappears in Dubai

According to TheNational, and as a follow-up to my previous postings on the disappearance of British Navy seaman Timmy MacColl, 28, on May 27, 2o12, who was last seen outside the Rock Bottom Cafe at Dubai's Regent Palace Hotel at 0200 hours,  the young sailor seemingly has disappeared without a trace.

MacColl was last seen after his shipmates paid for a Dubai taxi to take him back to his ship, the HMS Westminster, which was moored in Port Rashid.

COMMENT: Despite Rachael MacColl's efforts, Seaman MacColl's wife, 26, and mother of their three small children, and her development of a Facebook Group, "Bring Timmy Home," now boasting 100,000 followers, no new leads have emerged since Timmy's disappearance.

Mrs. MacColl recently said that she has decided to close the Facebook Group down as a painful reminder of her loss, as she comes to grip with the reality that she and her children will face life without her husband and their father.

Most recently, Mrs. MacColl visited Dubai with other family members and expressed her thanks to those who had endlessly searched for her husband.

As I have said far too many times in the past, traveling abroad, particularly alone, often dramatically increases one's risk exposure to a multitude of calamities. Thus, whenever possible, it is strongly suggested that foreigners travel in the company of others.