Thursday, March 14, 2013

Australia: Brazilian Expat, 24, Rapes, Sodomizes, Severely Beats Welsh Tourist, 22, Gets Seven Years in Prison

According to, Brazilian expatriate Daniel Bastos De Freitas, 24, was sentenced to seven years in prison in a Southport District Court earlier today (Australia time) for brutally raping, punching, sodomizing and threatening to kill a Welsh tourist, 22, on Surfers Paradise Beach.

Judge Anthony Rafter, in making his ruling, said De Freitas was vindictive and "a calculating liar."

De Freitas was employed on work visa on the Gold Coast when he raped and assaulted the young tourist that he had met in a nightclub on July 1, 2011. 

The court was told how De Freitas and the victim shared drinks and apparently had a sexual interest in each other, before De Freitas misplaced his wallet and accused the young woman of stealing it.

Judge Rafter said the accused later became "enraged" and attacked the woman in a "violent and brutal assault," that included beating her 30-40 times with his fists, raping her and forcing her to submit to oral sex.

COMMENT: If our readers will recall, I have cautioned all travelers in the past to be cautious in chance meetings fueled by alcohol and sexual motivations.

I have also made reference on numerous occasions to the fact that many people we encounter in our travels abroad are not "quite right," and in fact may have a history of domestic violence, hostility and unchecked rage. 

The fact that De Freitas showed no emotion at sentencing is also a point that should not be overlooked.

Now, here's the interesting part: Despite the violence and rage that De Freitas unleashed on the young tourist, given all that transpired between them, as the defendant was being taken away in handcuffs, his wife, devoted to the end,  blew him virtual kisses from her hand.

Again, I appeal to all travelers to exercise prudence in making life-altering choices, as there are people we will encounter abroad who are "consumers of people" and sociopaths to the core. Fortunately, such people are in very small numbers, yet making bad choices at the wrong time can have devastating results, as seen in this case.