Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Australia: Swedish Tourist, 24, Sexually Assaulted By Man She Met at Perth Hostel

According to http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au, a Swedish tourist, 24, was sexually assaulted, threatened and injured with a broken piece of glass in a camper-van just outside a backpackers' hostel in West Perth on March 11.

The victim reportedly met her assailant at a hostel on Newcastle Street where the two were staying separately.

According to police, after a night out on the town with her new "friend," the victim and her would-be assailant climbed into a camper-van which was parked behind the hostel. The woman subsequently fell asleep only to wake up and realize that her thought-to-be "friend" was sexually assaulting her without a "green light," threatened her with a piece of broken glass and sustained minor cuts from her assailant.

Although the assailant fled from the scene, he was promptly taken into custody by Perth police and charged.

COMMENT: The victim's South Australia assailant, 37, was charged with two counts of aggravated sexual penetration without consent and one count of unlawful wounding earlier today (March 12).

Although "no" always means "no," the victim may well have been severely intoxicated and erred in climbing into a camper-van with a person she did not know very well, knowing that "sleeping" on a bed with someone of the opposite gender is not a good place to be if you don't plan on being intimate. 

As a result, drinking in moderation is always a better option when interacting with new people, particularly those who you don't know very well.