Thursday, March 21, 2013

Barbados: British Couple, 59, 72, Recovering from Shooting During Port of Call, Released from Hospital

According to The Harborough Mail, Ann Prior, 59, from Suffolk, who was shot by two gunmen, along with her husband, Philip, 72, has just been released from hospital.
The Royal Barbados Police report that both husband and wife were shot and injured by armed robbers on March 17, while they were visiting Bridgetown, while on a three-month cruise aboard the Adonia, which is operated by P&O Cruises.

Philip was hit on his left side and Ann, whose handbag was stolen in Bridgetown, was shot in her right thigh.

COMMENT: We may never know where the British couple resisted the robbery or not, but if they did, that might well have been the impetus as to why they were shot.

The "Adonia" left Southampton on January 8 and is expected to return on April 3.

This crime against travelers, although it did not cause serious injury or death (which was obviously a possibility),  is a reminder to all travelers and tourists to consider the following:

1. Always register your itinerary with your government's appropriate foreign affairs agency, so they know where you are and can assist you if family back home needs to be notified;

2. Always subscribe to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage in the event payment is required before treatment, which is commonplace in many destinations;

3. Realize that there are no "safe" countries, as criminals can be found in every country, most of whom prey on tourists; and

4. Most importantly, NEVER resist an armed robbery as no amount of property is worth you life. Ever. Willingly give up your property. Please remember this.