Monday, March 4, 2013

Egypt: Update--"Pledge" of Political, Economic Reforms Get's Morsi US$250 Million in US Aid

According to Reuters, recently appointed US Secretary of State John Kerry rewarded Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi with US$250 million in US aid on the basis of political and economic reforms that Morsi "said" he would institute after he received Washington's money, which no doubt will be obligated post-haste.

Although Secretary Kerry said Egypt's implementation of such reforms will be closely monitored by Washington, the reality is that Morsi has gotten a quarter of a billion dollars before he actually does anything. 

COMMENT: So...does that mean that Washington now rewards bad behavior and statements just because "allies" say that they're going to "play nice," after months of bad behavior, including the Egyptians not lifting a finger to prevent the attack on the US Embassy last year?

If Secretary Kerry wants an indication of just how difficult it is going to be to manage the conflicting personalities in Egypt, only six of the eleven invited opposition guests showed up for a Saturday (March 2) meeting with the US' top diplomat. Worse, three of the six that did attend, said they still intend to boycott the April parliamentary elections. 

In an unpredictable world that mandates that one "trust," but validate, what Kerry should have done was suspend economic aid to Egypt, but approve military aid to the country, considering that Egypt's generals are one of the few officials who can genuinely be trusted.

Yet, on his first trip abroad, Kerry, like President Obama, wants to be "liked" far more than he wants to be "respected."