Saturday, March 23, 2013

France: CTA Urges Improved Security for Chinese Tourists After 23 Robbed En Mass

As a follow-up to my list of do's and don't's posting of March 13, entitled "France: Much of What China Daily's Li Xiang Says About Paris is Valid," the China Tourism Association (CTA) has expressed concern over the safety of Chinese tourists after 23 members of a Chinese tour group were robbed at 1945 hours on Wednesday (March 20) after having dinner in Paris, one of whom was injured.

Reportedly, the tour group had their passports, flight tickets and cash stolen during the incident.

COMMENT: A CTA official earlier today (March 23) urged French authorities to strengthen the protection of Chinese tourists visiting France.
More than one million Chinese people visit the European country every year, according to official figure.

Part of the reason that Chinese tourists in particular are vulnerable to larceny and robbery in France is largely because they travel in such large groups abroad and are easily identified by the Chinese flag and easy-to-recognize colors.

Although it is understandable why the groups are so easy to identify, prominent markings render them easy targets particularly because they are not used to being crime victims in their own country.  

Thus, it is important that Chinese tour groups use symbols of recognition that they understand, but no else does.