Monday, March 4, 2013

India: January 2007-June 2012: 277 Tourists Drown on Goa Beaches

According to, Goa's 100+ kilometers of coastline poses considerable risk to tourists, so much so that between January 2007 and June 2012, a staggering 277 beach-goers drowned, largely because of making bad choices.

Earlier today (March 4), Scottish tourist Marian Joys, 69, drowned while swimming in a "no-swim zone" off the Benaulim Beach, which is roughly 40 kilometers from Panaji. 

In another incident, Israeli tourist Abdulla Mohazin, 22, was rescued from drowning in a water pool at the base of Goa's highest waterfall Dudhsagar. 

COMMENT: Given the significantly large number of tourists who can never look forward to visiting Goa in the future, the following tips are offered:

1. Swim in the sea and in swimming pools ONLY when life-guards are on duty;

2. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages prior to swimming;

3. For those that don't know the waters in Goa, keep in mind that currents can be very treacherous;

4. Never swim alone;

5. Many intoxicated swimmers ignore the directions of life-guards;

6. Don't swim in the ocean if you don't know how to swim; and

7. If elderly, know your limitations.

Calangute, one of most popular beaches on the Goa coastline, with its sloping shore is considered to be the most treacherous. 

In January, Zahir Alam Mansuri, 24, from Uttar Pradesh, was swimming at Calangute late one night, when life-guards had gone off-duty, when he was swept into deeper water by rough currents and drowned.