Saturday, March 16, 2013

India: As a Follow-up to Gang-Rape of Swiss Tourist, Research Scholar Raped, Killed in Agra on Same Date

According to The Deccan Herald, The city of Agra actually had two major incidents on Friday (March 15): One involved the gang-rape of a Swiss tourist, 40, and the other being the rape and murder of a Delhi-based Indian research scholar inside the zoology laboratory of Dayalbagh Education Institute (

Police surmise that the victim had been raped before being murdered as her body bore scores of stab wounds inflicted by a surgical instrument of some sort, perhaps a scalpel.

According to sources, the victim’s supervisor went out on some work while she was still in the lab. Her mother said when she called her daughter on her mobile, it was answered by a man, who told her the researcher was in a market and would reach home later.

The victim’s mother subsequently reached a supervisor who eventually found the researcher lying in a pool of blood in the laboratory. The car of the deceased was recovered from a secluded spot near the banks of the Yamuna.

COMMENT: As a result of not only the homicide, but the brutal gang-rape as well, thousands of protesters converged into the streets of Agra to protest against the lack of public security.

A sketch of the research scholar found near her body in the lab has led police to conclude that the killer may well be mentally ill. 

As I have said frequently in the past, India is hardly a low-risk destination from the standpoint of violent crime, which is why I have repeatedly cautioned travelers to exercise a keen sense of personal security awareness and to be suspicious of new acquaintances, however friendly they may be.