Tuesday, March 19, 2013

India: British Tourist Jumps from Hotel Balcony in Agra to Escape Sexual Assalut

According to India Today, a British tourist jumped from her hotel room balcony in Agra after the hotel's manager, Sachin Chauhan, attempted to molest her at approximately 0400 hours earlier today (March 19).

According to police, the woman was forced to jump from her first floor balcony to escape being molested.

Her would-be assailant reportedly passed sexual remarks to her and asked her whether he could give her a massage. 

COMMENT: After jumping from the balcony the victim sustained leg fractures. After treatment at a local hospital she was released.

The hotel owner has since been arrested and will be charged. 

Tragically, this attempt follow the robbery and gang-rape of a Swiss tourist, 39, who was camping in Madhya Pradesh with her husband. Subsequently, the victim was raped by upwards of six  men while her husband was tied up and forced to watch her being brutalized.

From the series 0f gang-rapes and sexual assaults that have occurred to both residents and foreigners alike in recent months, it is clear that India is facing and institutionalized disrespect of women of the highest order, which no doubt needs immediate educational attention.

It is one thing for the Indian government to increase the severity of prison sentences for sexual assault and rape, but it seems that a much more important priority is to change the way in which Indian men view women. This can only be done through behavior modification.

Until such time as the central government takes unchecked rape and sexual assault seriously, I would be hard-pressed to encourage my adult daughters to even consider traveling to India.