Thursday, March 7, 2013

México: 51 US Citizens Drown During the Last Two Years, Elderly Need to Be Cautious Near Beaches

According to, a giant wave killed a US tourist in México on March 6 when two seniors (a woman of 65 and a man of 70) were swept out to sea while walking along the beach in Cabo San Lucas.

Although a Navy patrol unit rescued the couple, their names were not released considering that the woman drowned from the experience while the man remains in serious condition.

COMMENT: Although drowning is a cause of death not necessarily identified with México, the reality is that during the last two years, 51 US citizens have died from drowning.

Tourists visiting México particularly from fresh-water states (in this case, Wisconsin and Nebraska) should be cautious when traveling to any country where ocean water can be found, given the potentiality of strong currents and white-caps they may pull the elderly out to sea.