Tuesday, March 12, 2013

México: Deaf Canadian Tourist, Robbed of $850, Pushed from 3rd Floor Balcony, Seriously Injured

According to The Canadian Press and The Vancouver Sun, deaf Canadian tourist Kevin Simpson, age unknown, from Kamloops, BC, was robbed of $850 and pushed from the third floor balcony of a Cabo San Lucas hotel.

The victim suffered a broken hip, skull fracture and crushed ankle in the attack. His father, Ron Simpson has characterized the attack as attempted murder, as few people would survive a fall from such a height.

At the moment, Kevin Simpson is being cared for in a hospital in San José del Cabo, not far from Cabo San Lucas, but may well face costly air ambulance costs if he is medically evacuated back home to Canada.

Additionally, Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) is also investigating the robbery/attack and assisting in Mr. Simpson's consular needs.  

The attack adds to the more than a dozen instances of Canadian tourists being hurt or killed in México since 2007 — several of which have occurred during the last 18 months.

COMMENT: As I have said in countless postings in the past, it is essential that all travelers and tourists subscribe to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage before leaving home in the event they are injured or become ill while abroad, but particularly in developing countries where medical treatment may be withheld until the patient's ability to pay has been verified.

The visually and hearing impaired are particularly vulnerable to victimization in high-crime countries such as México, largely because of sensory deficiencies. 

Hopefully the Canadian Embassy will pressure Mexican authorities to arrest and prosecute those responsible for Kevin Simpson's plight, although sadly, in México, most violent crimes rarely result in an arrest, let alone a conviction.