Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pennsylvania: Three McDonalds Franchises in State Capitol Mistreat J-1 Visa Holders After They Paid to Be Victimized

COMMENT: When I read the below link pertaining to the apparent mistreatment of some 18 Latin American and Asian students who were required to pay $3,000-4,000 each in order to participate in a US Department of State-sponsored J-1 Visa program,  by first reaction was: "How could this be happening in one of the most developed nations in the world?"

Additionally, the resulting violation of the precepts of the special visa program by three MacDonalds franchises owned by the same franchisee, Andy Chung, it seems clear that prompt action must be taken by at least two agencies of the Federal government:

1. The US Department of State entity that oversees this program: The Bureau of Consular Affairs; and

2. The US Department of Labor, which since 2002 has registered 1,588 violations by the MacDonalds Corporation.

Although fortunately the franchisee in this case has agreed to leave the franchise holder, the appropriate federal agencies should take prompt in order to prevent the victimization of future J-1 recipients. 

Each of the visa recipients should be accorded a personal apology by US Secretary of State of John Kerry, yet in the Washington bureaucracy that may indeed be too much to ask for.