Sunday, March 24, 2013

Philippines: Update--Abu Sayyaf Gained Only US$117,500 from Pay-Out for Rodwell Release

COMMENT: According to, the Abu Sayyaf kidnappers gained only US$117,500 ($A94,000) from their release of Australian Warren Rodwell, 54, after holding him for 15 months.

Clearly, the final pay-out was a bit more than 5% of the original demand of  US$2 million. Yet, in the end, it is the kidnap victim's release that is paramount.

Assuredly, what it took to secure Mr. Rodwell's release far, far exceeded the ransom, taking into account the resources expended by the Philippine and Australian governments, not to mention Rodwell's wife, Miraflor Gutang, and her brother Roger, and countless unnamed benefactors who contributed directly and indirectly to his release. 

For Abu Sayyaf, what they invested in the feeding and caring for the Australian and moving him from place to place to avoid police and military patrols, and what they got in the end, was no doubt a "wash," meaning they probably broke even.