Friday, March 15, 2013

Spain: British Tourist, 31, Gang-Raped in Costa del Sol by Three Arabic Speakers After Argument with Boyfriend

According to The International Business Times, a British woman on vacation in Spain with her boyfriend reports that she was raped by three Arabic-speaking men, just half a mile away from her holiday home in Costa del Sol early yesterday (March 14).

The victim apparently had had an argument with her boyfriend as  they were partying in the popular Puerto Marina area in the southern town of Benalmadena. Annoyed by the argument, the young woman walked out of the club alone and started walking towards the holiday home she was sharing with her boyfriend, according to a report in La Opinion de Malaga.  

Initially, she had arranged for a taxi to take her home, but after feeling nauseated in the car, the driver let her out, suggesting she could walk the rest of the way.

As the would-be victim passed through  a tunnel beneath a busy road that she was suddenly attacked by three Arabic-speaking men. She told police that one of the men was about 70 years old with the other two being much younger. Subsequently, the men grabbed her and took her to a secluded area where she was held down while the assailants took turns.

COMMENT: Unfortunately, the victim's assailants took her belongings, mobile phone, money, apparel, keys, etc. with them after raping her, leaving her with no ability to contact her boyfriend or gain access to their apartment.

Later, a passerby found her collapsed, both emotionally and physically, on the ground outside her apartment and immediately contacted police. She was later taken to a local hospital for treatment and the collection of forensic evidence.

An experience as the one described above is one that no one should ever have to experience. 

Although an argument with someone we care about can produce a variety of emotions and responses, simply from the standpoint of avoiding criminal victimization late at night, the victim should have remained with her boyfriend, if at all possible.

The taxi driver who initially picked her up to take her home after the argument with her boyfriend, erred significantly in not calling another taxi for her, given the late hour where she was forced into a very vulnerable predicament.  

From that point on, everything that this poor woman was forced to experience had been taken from her control.

We can only hope that given her devastating experience of being gang-raped, apart from the STD risk, the victim was able to make up with her boyfriend and that hopefully he will give her the attention, support, compassion and understanding that she deserves, not to mention talk therapy when they return home.

Hopefully, her assailants will be arrested and convicted, but with few if any witnesses, that possibility is very unlikely. 

Additionally, it is essential that the cylinders on their holiday residence be re-keyed so as to reduce the risk of other occupants being victimized.