Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zimbabwe: Woman Mauled, Killed by Lion in Kariba, Man Escapes with Nothing But Condom

A young Zimbabewean couple approaching the final culmination of their amorous embrace in the buff near Kariba, were interrupted by a mauling lion who killed the woman and causing the man to escape with nothing more than a condom

The boyfriend, a local fisherman, heard the lion roar, and was able to save himself, although his girlfriend suffered a truly terrifying death. 

Unfortunately, many motorists who saw the man failed to stop to help him, thinking he was mentally deranged.

COMMENT: Officers of the Zimbabwe Park and Wildlife Authority were subsequently summoned who were successful in scaring off the lion.

A man in the same suburb was mauled to death a week ago while on his way home from a nightclub.

Although most readers who reside in urban areas may be challenged in fully understanding the risk of living in proximity to large predators, it is never far from one's thoughts considering that a man in 2010 was killed by a pride of lions while bathing in a river.  

Eight villagers were killed over the space of two months and the attacks only stopped when a pride of lions was killed.

Visitors to game parks in Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere in the world must be very wary of wild animals even in protected parks as they may seem almost  pet-like, yet nothing could be further from the truth.