Tuesday, April 30, 2013

China: Three Foreign Tourists Killed in Bus Accident in Hunan Province, 11 Passengers Injured, Treated

According to India's http://www.zeenews.com, three foreign women tourists, two Taiwanese and one Chinese-American, were killed earlier today (April 30) when their bus overturned and fell from a cliff in central China's Hunan Province. 

The accident occurred at approximately 1100 hours when a  tour bus carrying 16 passengers, including a local driver and a tour guide, six Taiwanese tourists and eight Chinese-American tourists, slid on the roadway and fell from a height of ten meters (32 feet) in Hanshou.

COMMENT: As most of our readers know, tour-bus accidents are among the most frequently occurring road accidents in developing countries, influenced heavily by reduced maneuverability, road safety enforcement, driving skills and vehicular maintenance.

To make matters worse in this particular case, the vehicle was traveling during a heavy rain, which also contributed to the accident.  Prudence should have dictated that the driver stop the vehicle temporarily and let the storm pass before proceeding on.

Additionally, eleven passengers were also injured in the accident and were being treated in two local hospitals in Changde. The bus was heading from the provincial capital of Changsha at the time.

Incidents such as this are also a reminder that all foreign tourists should subscribe to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage, as is often the case, medical treatment is often withheld pending a guarantee of payment before the fact.