Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brazil: Unit of Spain's Telefónica Launches 4G Service in São Paulo, Six Other Cities

According to EFE, The Brazilian unit of Spanish telecom giant, Telefónica S.A. has launched its Vivo 4G Plus service in São Paulo and six other cities in Brazil.

The company’s 2012 contract with the Brazilian government calls for it to offer 4G service in the six cities that will host the Confederations Cup soccer tournament in June, Telefónica Brazil CEO Antonio Carlos Valente announced yesterday (May 1).

The company decided to also offer service in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city and where Telefónica is the market leader in wireless and Internet service, even though the metropolis will not host any matches, Valente added.

COMMENT: Valente emphasized: “We are getting ahead of ourselves and offering 4G in the capital of São Paulo (state) now, even though we are only required to offer it as of December of this year [2013]. We will have the service in Santo Andre, São Bernardo do Campo and São Caetano do Sul in May."

Vivo 4G Plus will cost the same as 3G Plus, which had been the company’s most advanced offering and is available in 3,100 of Brazil’s more than 5,000 cities.

Telefónica S.A. is a Spanish-owned broadband and telecommunications provider and is the fifth largest mobile network provider in the world. Next to Grupo Santander, Telefónica S.A. is the second largest corporation in Spain.

Speaking from experience and after working in over 65 countries abroad, the quality, clarity and lack of regulation seen in so many of the European wireless providers is refreshing compared to the uneven coverage, dropped-call rates and over-regulation seen in the United States.