Wednesday, May 1, 2013

California: Two British Tourists Robbed at Gunpoint in San Francisco

According to The San Francisco Examiner, two British female tourists were reportedly robbed at gunpoint at 2045 hours on Saturday night (April 27) after being relieved of their camera, cash, bank cards, driver’s licenses, mobile phones and other items as they were walking south on César Chávez Street in the city.

COMMENT: The victims called police after being robbed of most of their valuables while walking in the 1500 block of York Street when a suspect approached them, brandished a handgun and fled with their valuables.

No arrests have been made; the victims were not injured.  

It should be noted that the victims in this case did exactly what they should have done, which is NOT to resist a person armed with a weapon of any kind, but particularly a handgun.

That being said, all foreign visitors to the US are reminded that street crime is a clear and present danger in all urban areas and that walking at night is not recommended, as it is difficult to discern the motives of other pedestrians encountered.