Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cambodia/Thailand: Japanese Businessman, 44, Murdered in Poipet for US$18,000

Thai immigration police on Friday (May 3) arrested a Cambodian national, Sok Na, 28, for allegedly participating in the murder of Japanese businessman, Kitakura Kosei, 44, based in Phnom Penh, on March 3.
The homicide occurred in Poipet, formally called Paoy Paet, a gambling haven on the Thai/Cambodian border, where casino gambling is legal, although it is not so in Thailand. Sok Na had an extensive criminal record for acts of violence in Cambodia. 

Sok Na, 28, together with four confederates, had been observing potential winners in a Poipet casino for some time, when they saw Kitakura Kosei win 485,000 baht (roughly US$18,000). 

Subsequently, they signaled one another and lured the victim into using their bicycle rickshaw service. A short time later, the victim was shot and killed with a 9mm handgun at which point the five assailants went their separate ways. 

Sok Na’s role was to drive the motorcycle on which the gunman was being transported for which he was paid US$400.

Three other suspects in the expat's murder have already been arrested. A fifth is being sought in Thailand.  

COMMENT: It is never a good idea for a casino winner to accept transportation from anyone, particularly if the winnings have been substantial (anything over US$1oo). 

Additionally, winners should always arrange for reputable motorized transportation and not disclose to anyone that they have won a substantial amount of money, if at all possible.