Monday, May 27, 2013

Colombia: Fisherman Killed by Jaguar Near Turbo, 2nd Attack Since April

A local fisherman, Matias Escarpeta, was killed by a jaguar on Thursday (May 23) in a rural area outside of Turbo, a city in northern Colombia, the second attack of its kind in the area since April, according to El Colombiano.

Escarpeta was attacked and killed while checking his nets in Bocas del Atrato, a village on the Gulf of Uraba.

COMMENT:  Foreign travelers to northern Colombia should be keenly aware that jaguars are relatively common and continue to survive and flourish, despite the fact that their natural habitat, palm plantations, are being destroyed.

A jaguar also killed a heavy machine operator in Bocas del Atrato in April 2013.

Additionally, for travelers who believe that all wildlife is "cute," Colombia includes predators such as jaguar, puma, various forms of colorful poison dart frogs (don't touch!) and an ample supply of poisonous snakes and spiders. 

Consequently, it is not a bad idea for all off-trail visitors to give all wildlife a wide berth and to carry a walking stick and a sharp knife for nominal protection. Additionally, all wildlife with young should be rigorously avoided.