Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ecuador: RPG Rockets Seized Near Capital

According to EFE, military personnel seized eight anti-tank rockets for an RPG-7 launcher near Quito on Thursday (May 2). The seizure was made near the town of Mitad del Mundo.

COMMENT: Ecuadorian troops seized the eight rockets from a bag of oranges located in a civilian truck.

The suspects transporting the rockets were arrested and turned over to military authorities. 

The RPG-7 launcher and accompanying rockets are Soviet-manufactured, reusable, portable, unguided and shoulder-launched. The launcher and rocket generally weigh about seven kilos and have an effective range of 200 meters. Roughly 9 million of these RPGs are in circulation.

Unfortunately,  the RPG-7 is used throughout the world, largely by criminals, rebels and extremists who rely on this versatile weapon to attack their adversaries.