Wednesday, May 29, 2013

France: Update--Stabbing of French Soldier Deemed Work of Muslim Extremist

As a follow-up to my postings of May 26 and 27, and according to Reuters, evidence gathered by French authorities suggests that a convert to Islam was responsible for the May 25 stabbing assault on a French soldier who was patrolling La Defense business district west of Paris.

The alleged assailant in the attack was taken into custody earlier today (May 29). Prosecutor François Molins told a news conference that the suspect was seen on a video surveillance camera "saying a Muslim prayer" minutes before the attack, which followed the May 22 hacking murder of a British soldier on the streets of London.

COMMENT: Although the citizens of many Western nations don't believe their country is "at war," it is essential that such nations, particularly those who have had incidents of Islamist terrorism in recent years, educate their citizens to report all suspicious behavior to police.

Additionally, all nations that have been targeted by Muslim extremists at home should responsibly disseminate via radio, television and print media public information on this emerging tactic and what specific action they should take if they observe abnormal behavior on the part of citizens or non-citizens.

In the interest of saving precious lives, all Western nations need to acknowledge that there are many radicalized Muslims that firmly believe that it is their responsibility to see sharia law instituted in all nations.

Clearly, keeping citizens and residents safe from political terrorism is far more important than being politically correct.