Saturday, May 18, 2013

Germany: Japanese Chef, 57, Beaten to Death for Serving an Allegedly Unsatisfactory Meal in Sylt

According to the blog, Shine On, German authorities are investigating the death of a respected Japanese chef Miki Nozawa, 57, following a physical attack by two customers who complained about his food on the tiny German tourist island of Sylt.

Mr. Nozawa died on Monday (May 13) from a brain hemorrhage following a brawl with two men at a nightclub near his restaurant on the island, The Associated Press reports.

The German tabloid, Bild, said that the men refused to pay for a dish of fried rice with vegetables and beef because they believed that their meal had not been prepared properly.

COMMENT:  As I have said in the past, the level of anger and hostility that so many people harbor today is indeed alarming, which is why I urge all of our readers to be vigilant of "strange-acting" people, as their numbers seem to be rising dramatically. 

Clearly, assuming that everyone you encounter in public is "normal," may well be a misnomer.

BILD described Nozawa as a "star chef" who had worked in Berlin. He specialized in Japanese-Italian fusion cuisine and had previously worked at the exclusive restaurant, “Billionaire,” on the Italian island of Sardinia, according to DPA.

While the death of Nozawa is alarming, there are other incidents of chefs and restaurant staff enduring violent crimes from customers filled with outrage.

A survey referred to by SHINE ON, of 5,000 hospitality workers, has revealed first-hand accounts of employees who were hit, spat upon, and strangled after telling customers to stop smoking. One customer placed a belt around the neck of an employee and tried to strangle him after being told to stop smoking. Worse, another customer began masturbating after being told to stop smoking.

Assuredly, in restaurants where smoking is prohibited, signage must be prominently posted.