Friday, May 17, 2013

Guam: 2 Japanese Tourists Victimized by "Snatch-and-Grab," Time of Night a Contributing Factor

Police in Guam report that a 23-year-old female Japanese tourist was the victim of a "snatch-and-grab" yesterday while walking up the JFK Hill with a female friend to shop at the K-Mart.  Unfortunately, the two tourists were walking at 2345 hours.

COMMENT: The incident occurred when a local man who was walking down the hill suddenly grabbed one of the tourists' tote bag.

Although the assailant was seemingly unarmed, the two women struggled with the criminal who succeeded in taking possession of the bag. At that, the two women gave chase, which was unwise, not knowing whether the man was armed. Eventually, the two victims lost sight of the man and reported the incident to local police.

As I have said in the past, crime against tourists in Guam is a frequent occurrence, although it is generally non-violent. That being said, there have been violent crimes on the island. Consequently, resisting criminals, particularly at night, is not a good idea.

Given the fact that many crimes of opportunity that do occur at night while victims are walking, it is suggested that visitors either rent a car or travel by taxi after dark.