Monday, May 20, 2013

Hawaii: Oregonian Tourist, 29, Disappears After Talking to Man Outside a Waikiki Bar

According to The Associated Press and, Honolulu police are searching for a tourist from Oregon, Ivy Harris, 29, from Oregon who has been missing on Oahu since Thursday (May 16).

Police said Saturday (May 18) that Ms. Harris was last seen early Thursday morning talking to a man outside a bar in Waikiki and has not been seen since.

COMMENT: Harris traveled to Hawaii from Portland with a number of friends to celebrate turning 29, which was on Saturday.

According to Ms. Harris' mother and boyfriend, the reported victim had been calling family and friends every day prior to her disappearance.

As I have said all too often, it is best for tourists to operate in the company of friends and/or family whenever possible, as opportunists and criminals often target new arrivals who may not be familiar with criminal tactics and scams used locally.

Although the family reportedly is considering hiring a private detective, such a course of action is not only expensive, but sends a negative signal to local police who are legally charged with finding missing persons. It also is often not productive.

It makes far more sense when a tourist disappears for a family member or friend or both to travel to where the person disappeared, as their knowledge of the victim's behavior, background and  idiosyncrasies  may be far more valuable to local police than hiring a private investigator. 

Local law enforcement also has far more resources and informational access to depend on that do private  detectives, particularly as it relates to forensic technology.