Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hawaii: Update--Far Too Many Unanswered Questions Complicate Death of Portland Tourist, 29

As a follow-up to my  postings of May 20 and May 22, there seems to be far more questions concerning the suspicious death of Ivanice "Ivy" Harris, 29, of Portland, OR, than there are answers.

First of all, we sincerely express our condolences and sympathies to Ms. Harris' family, knowing the sense of loss they are now experiencing. We truly wish them well in their search for answers and closure.

COMMENT: We do know that Ms. Harris, her boyfriend, Mark Miles and several friends traveled to Honolulu for the purpose of celebrating Harris' 29th birthday. 

We do know that Ms. Harris disappeared after she was seen talking to an unidentified man at 0215 hours on May 16, outside of a seedy bar on Waikiki known as Kelley O'Neil's.

We do know that Ms. Harris' nude body was reportedly found on May 20, on the side of Farrington Highway on the Waianae coast of Oahu, some 35 miles from Waikiki. This area is considered a high crime area and is a known gathering point for those in the drug trade. It is not known to be an area for tourists.

Naturally, considering that Ms. Harris traveled to Honolulu with her boyfriend and two friends, it is very strange for her to break away from those close to her and to be out so late at night by herself.

Ivan Harris, Harris' brother, reportedly shared with a reporter from HAWAII NEWS NOW during a phone interview that his younger sister worked as a paid escort. Ivan seemingly implied to the reporter that his sister's disappearance might well have been connected to her work.

As this posting is filed, the Honolulu Medical Examiner's office has released no statements relative to the results of an autopsy that was conducted shortly after the discovery of Ms. Harris' body.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.