Monday, May 6, 2013

Iceland: Foreign Tourist Raped, Physically Abused in Reykjavík

According to local media, a foreign tourist in her 20s was raped and physically abused in the eastern part of Reykjavík during the third weekend of April. 

Fortunately, the perpetrator was arrested and kept in custody for five days and is now under a travel restriction until the charges have been tried in court.

The victim reportedly had been out on the town, when she accepted a ride from a stranger. The man drove the woman to a store in the eastern part of the city, which he had physical access to, where he raped her, causing her severe physical and emotional harm. Afterwards he took her to the guesthouse where she was staying.  

COMMENT: Upon seeing the woman’s condition, the staff at the guesthouse where the woman was staying notified police and the woman was taken to the emergency room for victims of sexual violence at Landspítali, the National Hospital.

Solo women travelers are strongly urged against accepting rides from people they do not know.

Although the victim returned to her home nation within 24 hours of the attack, doing so often results in rapists not being prosecuted.

One reason that the victim in this case returned home so quickly is because Iceland's crime victim compensation program does NOT cover short-term foreign tourists. Such persons should clearly be covered by this legislation.