Tuesday, May 7, 2013

India: Rapist Sets Woman on Fire After She Resists Rape Attempt, Victim Dies from Burns

According to The Times of India, a local woman, 28, died after suffering serious burns when a man set her on fire on Friday (May 3), after she resisted his rape attempt in Rajastan, a state in northwestern India.

The attempted rape and murder occurred when the assailant entered the family home of the victim, who was sleeping with her 4-year-old daughter in the city of Nohar.

The woman resisted the rape, and the suspect, Jitendra Singh Rajput, set her on fire after dousing her with kerosene. Fortunately, he was arrested by police.

COMMENT: Upon hearing the victim's screams, the husband and his brother ran to the house and found the woman burning. The husband, a farmer, also suffered serious burns trying to help his wife and was subsequently hospitalized.

The woman was admitted to a hospital with burns on 70% of her body and died on Saturday (May 4), although police arrested the suspect.

Clearly, the continuing perception as to how women in India are viewed by men must change. Sadly, the rape of both Indian women and foreigners alike has dramatically caused solo travelers to India to cancel their plans.