Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Indonesia: Perth Woman, 28, Raped, Robbed in Kerobokan Villa in Bali by Assailant with Knife While Family Slept

A Perth woman, 28, who was staying with her family at the Villa Damais in Kerobokan in Bali was awoken in the middle of the night early on Saturday morning (April 27) by an assailant who held a knife to her throat and who raped and robbed her as her family of seven slept unknowingly in other bedrooms in the villa.

COMMENT: As I have emphasized in previous postings describing violent crimes in Bali, there are two problems in the well-known getaway: (1) Local officials have endeavored concerted to "sweep crime in Bali under the rug," pretending it doesn't exist and (2) Few, if any, villas that are rented to tourists and families have been retrofitted to DETER violent criminals from easily entering villas and bungalows. 

According to police, the assailant entered the villa without having to use forcible entry, held a knife to the victim's throat, demanded that she open an in-room safe and raped her without giving any of the other family members any indication that a crime was being committed in their midst.

Understandably, the entire family promptly returned to Perth following the attack, after providing police with a complete description of the assailant, although a police dragnet has failed to result in an arrest.

Although a security guard was ostensibly employed and assigned to be vigilant of potential intruders, he conveniently had left his post on Friday night without explanation, leaving the guests vulnerable. This fact should not be overlooked by the victimized family.

In addition to the rape of the young woman, three iPads, two mobile phones and $A150 was stolen from the room safe.

As I have said so many times in the past, I strongly discourage guests from using in-room safes and urge guests to evaluate the physical security of villas and bungalows that they select, as most such facilities in Bali are not designed to keep intruders out.

Unfortunately, local hotel managers have done a very effective job of concealing the increasing violent crime that does occur in Bali, which is why so many visitors and tourists have been victims of violent crime.

Alternatively, I strongly urge foreign visitors to avoid local, quaint villas with deficient physical security, and consider one of the 30+ luxury hotels in Bali that make security protection of their guests a priority.