Monday, May 13, 2013

México: Update--Two Suspects Arrested in Connection with Death of Malcolm Shabazz, 29

According to AFP, and as a follow-up my posting of May 11, two suspects have been arrested in connection with the homicide of Malcolm Shabazz, 29,  grandson of American civil rights leader, Malcolm X, on May 9, in the Mexican capital.
City prosecutors have said that the assailants, ages 24 and 26, have been detailed according to Reforma.

COMMENT: What was disclosed in local media reports is the fact that it was the management of The Palace Club, situated at Plaza Garibaldi, that presented a bill of US$1,200 to Shabazz and a Mexican friend for a combination of drinks and female companionship, which started the altercation. Why are they not being charged?

Although the youthful assailants have been arrested, the lingering question is what about charges against the management of the bar and the necessary closure of the establishment?

As is commonly known, it is a frequent occurrence in México for vulnerable suspects to be charged in serious crimes, while those responsible for their actions are never prosecuted.